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A lot of gear is produced under the pretense of custom or sustainable labels. We let our process and products speak for themselves. Everything we make is truly one-of-a-kind because no two customers are alike. We value sustainability and being good stewards of the environment - the smaller we can keep our footprint, the more we can enjoy the abundant gifts from Mother Nature. With 20 plus years experience guiding back country adventures in northern Minnesota and Ontario, we are confident that our design and construction quality can stand the test of time.

uniformity creates waste


Our wood products use reclaimed and salvaged wood that we source locally, often incorporating items from a customer's property, historic gear, or furniture. All natural products have variations in their make-up, and in order for most companies to sell the same product over and over, they dispose of material that doesn't allow them to mass produce efficiently. This is waste at the highest level. We strive to use every workable piece that comes through our door or winds up on the shop floor, no matter how small, which is why no two products of ours will look the same. All wood has history and energy, and when each piece is done, we pass this important legacy onto the end-user. 

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