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Lifetime Warranty

Don't just buy something, invest in it.

We don't like to play around with items that are geared toward single use only, and we build our products to last a lifetime. That's why we're proud to offer a lifetime warranty on hardware and craftsmanship for the life of our rods, paddles, and landing nets. 

If you have a failure after purchase, reach out to us so we can assess the damage. As long as the failure was not due to misuse or neglect we will repair or replace your item free of charge for the life of the product.

​Coverage examples are below. If you run into an issue not listed we can likely repair it for a reasonable charge. 

  • Fishing Rods

    • Splitting, cracking, or de-laminating​ handle

    • Cracked or flaking epoxy

    • Loose or broken guide rings

    • Rod breaks - if outside of manufacturer warranty period

  • Paddles

    • De-lamination or separation of any part​

    • Cracks or breaks along the wood grain

    • ​Rock guard chips or dents

    • Finish blemishes including scratches or flakes

  • Landing Nets​

    • De-lamination or separation of wood handle or hoop

    • Cracks or breaks along the wood grain​

    • Finish blemishes including scratches or flakes

    • Nylon or wood plug breaks (not tears in netting or connecting loops)

**Lifetime Warranty does not cover clothing items or other Goods not listed above**

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