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  • What makes your products different from the pre-made options I can buy off the rack?

All our products are handmade to the specifications that each customer wants. With a large knowledge base and a love for unconventional ideas we're able to make almost any combination possible.​ We strive to not make the same item twice, therefore creating a true, one-of-a-kind product each time.      

  • How strong or durable are your paddles?

Our paddles are constructed to push and pull water, period. Or used as a filet board...speaking from experience. If you use your paddle as a paddle, and not as a pry bar or yolk for carrying heavy packs, it will last a long time. Most breaks occur during misuse or due to accidents (like when you drive over it with a 4-wheeler, again, from experience).  

If you do experience a failure, save the pieces and contact us so we can start the repair process. We can often salvage and reuse pieces like the handle or  blade.

  • Why are there nail holes, knots, sawmill marks, or color variations on my paddle?

Short answer - because it looks awesome! We use reclaimed, salvage, and up-cycled wood in all of our paddles. It's environmentally friendly to re-use when possible, and that character provides a truly unique look for each paddle. All wood has a story and we're proud to share that so you can add the next chapter.

Prior to construction we make sure that all of the wood is structurally sound and durable enough to withstand heavy use on the water. If you are looking for a more clean and modern look, feel free to specify that during the design process.

  • What kind of rod blanks do you use?

​We often list a branded blank for our signature setups, but the beauty of custom is we can build exactly what you're looking for. We have the ability to get a variety of blank models from different manufacturers, and have high confidence in the products our suppliers offer. If you would like to dig deeper into materials and construction give us a call and we would  be happy talk rods.

  • How are your signature setups different from the rods at the store?

Most of the rods at your local sporting goods store will be the biggest sellers and more universal models made​. We concentrate on providing application-specific options so you can make the most of your preferred style of fishing. With many hours spent in R&D, we take a lot of pride in making a rod that will fish your specific style and live up to your unique expectations.

  • Do you offer a product warranty? 

We build gear that will last a lifetime, and stand by it for life. If you have a component fail or break, we'll get your gear up and running as soon as possible. Check out our Lifetime Warranty page for details.

  • How long will it take to get my custom gear?

Depending on the details you choose it usually takes about 4-6 weeks to get all the components in and crafted. Many times we can complete it sooner, and we aim to have you on the water, ice, or snow as soon as possible.

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