Custom Built Landing Nets

A Truly Custom Net

Not just hand-made, but custom made. If you are looking for a net that you are able to customize to your exact liking than a Dam Good Net is for you. Unlike other "custom" nets, we allow you to pick the wood type, wood pattern, hoop size, hoop shape, handle width, handle length, net fasteners, finish, and more. Create the perfect net for how you fish!


If you have any questions or are ready to get started please call 218-349-9970, or email



Hoop size: 26" x 24"
Net Bag Depth: 14"

Best fit for larger, migratory fish like steelhead and salmon.



Hoop size: 19" x 22"
Net Bag Depth: 12"

Best fit for mid-sized fish like resident trout, smallmouth, etc.



Hoop size: 16" x 12"
Net Bag Depth: 10"

Best fit for resident brook trout and other small sport fish.


Make it Personal

If you have any of your own wood or wood from a friend or family that you would like incorporated into your net we can use it as part or all of the handle, or even use it as an inlay.

Free Form Construction

We believe that all wood has a story and a personality, so we craft all our nets in free form. By not using jigs or templates in the shaping process, the wood bends to its natural form and results in a unique shape every time, creating a truly one of a kind product.


Custom Handles

Longer handles are better for landing fish from a boat or when netting fish using longer rods, but shorter nets are more convenient to carry when you are busting trails on your way to your favorite fishing hole. We can create a handle that will fit your fishing style perfectly.


Custom Net Fastening

We also offer two options for net fastening - traditional lacing or wood plug. Traditional lacing utilizes nylon cord threaded through the hoop to fasten the net to the frame. The wood plug method uses no thread, creating an all wood custom look.

Catch and Release Rubber Nets

Our vinyl nets are made of soft misty clear vinyl that reduces the chances of spooking of fish, and the flat bottom allows your catch to lay at the bottom of the net reducing stress.

Lifetime Warranty

Like all our products we offer a lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship. If the net rips or tears, we will gladly install a new a one and the only cost to you is the net itself.

"I recently purchased a Dam Good River net and could not be any happier with it! I was able to pick out the hoop size, handle length, handle width, wood type, finish, added a flair to the base of the handle, and even had marks burned in to measure fish safely over the water. The middle section of wood is from my wife's great great grandfather's sawmill, the dark bands on either side are ironwood from the Duluth's old lakewalk, and redwood is from Superior. As a true fly fisherman I get caught up with the next new thing and am loyal to certain brands of gear, but no matter what rod, reel, or pack I switch to next this will always be my favorite. I have a feeling it's going to get a lot of use! Thanks Geoff!"

- Jason Swingen