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Landing Nets

Signature Setups

We believe that all wood has a story and a personality, so we craft all our nets in free form. By not using jigs or templates in the shaping process, the wood bends to its natural form and results in a unique shape every time, creating truly one-of-a-kind builds. All of our nets are made to order and use reclaimed and salvaged wood in a wide variety of species. If you have wood items from a family or friend that you would like see live on, we are able to incorporate almost any wood into the build.

All nets offer catch and release clear vinyl nets and 2 types of net fastening systems - traditional lacing or wood plugs. Traditional lacing utilizes nylon cord threaded through the hoop to fasten the net to the frame. The wood plug method uses no thread, creating an all wood custom look.

River - $275

Est Hoop Size - 26 x 24 | Bag depth - 14"

Best fit for fish in the 28' - 40" - This is a common size net for ocean run steelhead, salmon and brown trout, large pike and some Great Lakes migratory fish


Stream - $250

Est Hoop Size - 22 x 19 | Bag depth - 12"

Best fit for fish in the 18" - 28" range - This is a common net for Great Lakes rainbows, browns, salmon, along with smallmouth, walleye and larger resident stream trout


Creek - $225

Est Hoop Size - 16 x 12 | Bag depth - 10"

Best fit for fish small fish up to 20"- This is a common net for resident trout and is big seller if you visit the Rocky Mountains 

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