Custom Built Spinning Rods

We believe what makes a good custom rod is attention to detail. We concentrate on application specific rods for the fishing that you do most. Weather you are a jig fisherman or a person who enjoys staring down a slip bobber we have patterns for them all. 

Depending on components selected the price and availability of the rod will vary:

  • Rod blank

    • Brand (e.g. Sage, St. Croix)

    • Length

    • One or two piece

  • Guide &/or ring color

  • Handle style (e.g. size, material)

  • Reel seat (e.g. material, brand, color) 

Signature Setups

DAM Good Spinner    $235

If you're pulling a leech on a spinner or running rigs with shiners this rod has you covered. This two piece, 7' fast action medium/light power rod provides a lot of sensitivity and strength without making it feel like a pool cue. We add single-foot guides with SIC rings, and a 13" cork handle. Like most of our rods we use a Tennessee handle which offers you superior feel and sensitivity - if you haven't tried one you've likely been missing fish. 

DAM Good Jigger    $235

Whether you're jigging fatheads on the edge of a rocky reef or pitching leeches on weed beds, this rod has you covered. This two-piece 7'  fast action, medium/light power provides a lot of strength without sacrificing the sensitivity that you need to feel those tugs. We add single-foot guides with SIC rings, and a 13" cork handle.

DAM Good Worm Rig    $265

Depending on your application (species, depth, lure weight), we start with a two-piece 9'  foot, 5-8 weight fly rod blank, tie single-foot guides with SIC rings in a pattern similar to a salmon/steelhead rod, finish it off with a 13" cork Tennessee handle and BAM - best finesse rod on the market. I personally fish with one of these rods and it will handle big fish with ease.

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