Custom Built Ice Rods

Whether you're a crappie and panfish fan looking for a noodle rod, or a walleye and lake trout nut needing a rod with backbone to lift those monsters, we've got you covered on the ice. 


Depending on components selected the price and availability of the rod will vary:


  • Guide material and ring color

  • Thread color and pattern

  • Handle style (e.g. size, shape, material)

  • Reel seat addition (e.g. material, brand, color) 

Signature Setups

Big Laker    $115

Just like the name...if you're chasing big lakers you need to check this out. The Big Laker uses a 36" solid graphite medium/heavy blank with up-sized guides to reduce freeze-up on those cold windy days. Knowing there are some monster fish out there we also offer double footed guides for folks looking for giants.

Noodle    $115

No need for a spring bobber on this one...this Noodle has one of the smaller tips out there so get ready to feel and see the difference in sensitivity. This rod uses a 26" or 33" solid fiberglass blank for increased durability, single-footed guides with SIC rings, finished off with a 6" hand spun handle with no reel seat.

Power Noodle    $125

This is for the folks that want to be able to feel the lightest of bites but also to have the backbone to haul up a big one. Our 39" Power Noodle features solid fiberglass construction for maximum durability with the softest of tips, negating the need to add on a spring bobber. The guides are fitted with SIC rings and a minimum ring size of 8 to help minimize freeze up on those cold and windy days, and includes a 6" hand spun handle with no reel seat. Overall this is one of the best multi-species rods you can find. 

Walleye Special    $115

This is one of the most universal ice rods we make, with a smaller diameter tip to feel those light bites and a strong backbone to bring them through the hole. This rod uses a 36" solid graphite blank with single-footed guides and SIC rings, finished off with a 6" hand spun handle with no reel seat.

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